Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Horsham, PA

Living with a substance use disorder can be challenging, but many people can overcome these difficulties by seeking professional help to guide them through the recovery process. 

Hope’s Destiny is here to provide a compassionate and comprehensive line of care to people in Horsham, PA and the surrounding areas who are living with an alcohol or drug addiction. 

Keep reading to learn more about the mental health and substance abuse services we offer to adults and adolescents, as well as more about payment options and how to get started. 

What Happens in Horsham, PA Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

When taking part in a recovery program in Horsham, you can expect treatment focused on improving your mental health while helping you achieve and maintain sobriety. 

Treatment includes a variety of therapeutic approaches, as well as assistance with medication and detox when individuals need help during a withdrawal period. 

Treatment plans are typically customized for people in drug and alcohol rehab, so frequency of treatment and duration of treatment can vary significantly for each person. 

And while it can be difficult to seek professional help for addiction, many people report these experiences as life-changing, especially if they have tried unsuccessfully to remain sober on their own. 

At Hope’s Destiny, we offer transformative addiction services to help adolescents and adults in Pennsylvania gain the tools and knowledge they need to lead healthy and sober lives. 

Addiction Recovery for Horsham Residents at Hope’s Destiny

People entering addiction recovery come from vastly different situations, and often need different levels of care in order to have their needs met. 

For this reason, Hope’s Destiny offers multiple levels of outpatient care so people have access to the exact services and level of intensity they need. 

Levels of care offered at Hope’s Destiny:

  • Partial hospitalization programs: PHP programs require patients to come in every day and receive treatment for several hours, while returning to their homes at night.
  • Intensive outpatient programs: IOP programs usually require patients to come in a few days a week for several hours, and allow people to enjoy more independence and freedom. 
  • Outpatient services: these services are often scheduled on a per-session basis, and can include therapy as well as things like detox and medication-assisted treatment. 
  • Telehealth services: Services that are provided either through the telephone or through an online chat, allow patients to access care while staying in the comfort of their home. 

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services in Horsham, Pennsylvania

Treatment options can vary from center to center, but there are several treatments you can find standard in many drug and alcohol addiction programs. 

Hope’s Destiny offers many of the services listed below. You can also call a treatment center in advance if you are looking for a specific type of addiction treatment service. 

Treatment services available at rehab centers in Horsham include:

  • Medical detoxification: patients go through withdrawal with the help of medications and under the supervision of medical professionals.
  • Medication-assisted treatment: patients who have opioid use disorders can use opioid substitute medications to come off opioids in a safe and comfortable way. 
  • Inpatient treatment: patients stay overnight at a drug and alcohol rehab center while attending treatment throughout each day during their stay.
  • Outpatient treatment: patients make individual appointments for the services that they need and maintain their daily routines as usual. 
  • Behavioral therapy: therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) help people to understand the connection between their thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • Group therapy: therapy in small groups allows people to interact with others, share their stories, and reinforce the idea that no one in addiction treatment is alone. 
  • Relapse prevention support: an important component of aftercare services, relapse prevention focuses on helping people stay sober and know what to do during challenging times.

What Health Conditions Are Treated in Horsham Rehab Centers?

Horsham recovery centers, including Hope’s Destiny, treat a variety of health conditions that generally fall into one of two categories:

  • Mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. 
  • Substance use disorders including alcohol use disorder, opioid use disorder, and any type of addiction to a substance, including meth, cocaine, and prescription drugs.

It is also common to find dual diagnosis treatment, or treatment of substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues or a behavioral health disorder that is co-occurring. 

Qualities of Top Horsham, PA Addiction Treatment Centers

Not all addiction treatment centers in Horsham are of top quality, and you should look out for certain features while deciding on a program. 

Qualities to look for in Horsham addiction treatment centers include:

  • Accreditations from national organizations that evaluate substance abuse and mental health facilities
  • Licensing from the state of Pennsylvania
  • High star-rating on Google
  • Positive reviews and testimonials
  • Status as a non-profit organization
  • Use of evidence-based therapies and practices 

Insurance and Payment Options for Horsham, PA Rehab

Insurance is often an option when paying for rehab in Horsham, though the amount of coverage that a person has can vary depending on a few factors. 

Factors that affect insurance coverage can include:

  • The insurance provider and specific plan used
  • The treatment provider and types of insurance they accept
  • Whether the insurance is private insurance or state-funded, such as Medicaid or Medicare
  • The amount of coverage provided for mental health or substance abuse services

People without healthcare insurance may have additional payment options, as many treatment centers accept cash or self-pay and may offer financial assistance based on income and other factors. 

If you need help paying for rehab, Hope’s Destiny works with families to help them access addiction treatment via flexible payment options. 

How to Enter a Horsham, PA Addiction Recovery Program

Getting started is often one of the biggest obstacles for many people when it comes to addiction treatment. 

Hope’s Destiny promises to make this process as smooth as possible to encourage more people to attend treatment. 

1. Find a Quality Drug Rehab Center

Choose a rehab center that offers the level of care you need, and also any specific services you are looking for or specialized programs. 

It is usually a good idea to visit any prospective rehab centers in person before deciding on a location for yourself or a loved one. 

2. Get an Addiction Evaluation

Before starting an addiction program, you can undergo an addiction evaluation. At Hope’s Destiny, we do this in the form of a biopsychosocial assessment. 

This assessment helps you and us understand your treatment needs, as well as determine if you have co-occurring disorders that will require treatment. 

3. Identify the Right Level of Care

After your evaluation, the clinician will likely have a recommendation for the best level of care for you.

It may not necessarily fit with your schedule or finances, however, so take this recommendation in mind and use it to identify the right level of care for your situation. 

4. Build a Custom Treatment Plan

Your addiction treatment team at Hope’s Destiny will develop a treatment plan based on your personality, goals, expected outcomes, and treatment needs. 

This treatment plan will outline your length of treatment, frequency of treatment, and what types of therapy and other services will be used for you. 

5. Start Your Addiction Recovery Program

After agreeing to a customized treatment plan, you can begin the recovery process as outlined in your plan. 

And, if you have chosen a program with us at Hope’s Destiny, rest assured that you are on your way to a brighter and happier future. 

How to Find Addiction Treatment in Horsham, Pennsylvania

You can find addiction treatment in Horsham by searching online directories or by asking your primary care physician for recommendations. 

You can also contact us at Hope’s Destiny, as we can provide assistance to people in Horsham as well as in nearby locations in Montgomery County. 

People in cities near Horsham can access treatment at Hope’s Destiny including:

  • Ambler 
  • Doylestown
  • Hatboro 
  • Jamison
  • Jenkintown 
  • Norristown 
  • Philadelphia 
  • Warminster 
  • Willow Grove 

Questions to Ask Before Starting Drug Rehab in Horsham, PA

You may have a lot of questions for any alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility you are interested in, and it is important to ask these questions when you call or visit. 

Questions to ask before starting drug rehab in Pennsylvania include:

  • Do you accept insurance, and if so, what providers do you accept?
  • What kind of licensing do you have?
  • What kind of training do your staff members and therapists have?
  • Do you offer family therapy or couples therapy?
  • Do you offer any holistic therapies?
  • Do you offer substance abuse treatment for adolescents? 
  • How soon can I start treatment?
  • What kind of safety measures do you have in place for patients?
  • Do you offer aftercare support?

Find Hope and Healing from Addiction in Horsham, PA Today

It is always possible to heal from addiction, even if you feel that your situation is hopeless or you have tried other rehab programs in the past. 

Sometimes finding the right treatment program can make all the difference for people who are hoping to turn their lives around, and Hope’s Destiny is hoping to be this program for you. 

Contact us today at our Horsham clinic to learn more about our levels of care and how we can help you achieve long-term recovery and sobriety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does addiction treatment cost in Horsham, Pennsylvania?

It can be hard to predict the cost of addiction treatment in Horsham, as it really depends on the level of care and the types of services provided. 

Remember: addiction treatment can be made more affordable by using insurance or other types of financial assistance at rehab facilities that offer it.

How can I support someone who just finished drug rehab?

The first thing you should do is learn about addiction, so you can better understand and support them in what they are going through. 

You can also offer to do things together, such as find new and healthy hobbies together or even attend support groups together for addiction recovery.

How can I help someone see that they need addiction treatment?

You should express your concerns but remain patient, and be aware that it can take time and several attempts before you are able to convince them. 

You can also make sure they know they have your support by offering to attend meetings with them or drive them to rehab when they are ready to go.

Can you beat your addiction at home?

Some people can beat their addiction at home, but this is not always recommended, especially for addictions that have life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, such as heroin and alcohol. 

People who do try to beat addiction at home should be well-prepared and make sure that they have a strong support system around them.