Photo of Cade Feeney. Clinician at Hope's Destiny.

Cade Feeney

Cade joins the team at Hope’s Destiny with eagerness and excitement about working with our clients.  He has been in the education, addictions, and mental health field for over 16 years.  Before becoming a Master’s level therapist, Cade taught in Philadelphia.  His experience and interest led him to become a counselor within the Student Assistance Program (SAP) for all schools in the lower Bucks County areas. Prior to joining Hope’s Destiny, Cade served as a Social Emotional Counselor and Mobile Engagement Specialist with youth. Not only does Cade bring experience and dedication to his role, but he brings compassion, empathy, knowledge and full system approach that is essential to support people looking to achieve sobriety and strong mental wellness. Cade looks forward to working and interacting with our clients as they start and progress in their recovery journey.